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The Dalai Lama

I've been practicing line drawing with the book titled Sketching Basics, by Alois Fabry. I think this drawing turned out pretty well, but I might like to try doing a version without the shading. Alois Fabry has the reader start out just drawing lines, and towards the end of the project, he has them doing shading. Line drawing, from what he said, doesn't have shading or anything like that. I guess he tells the reader to add shading to make it more than a line drawing (Fabry, 18-23).

I've been kind of following His Holiness, the Dalai Lama, and what he does. I've been reading his books. I like what he has to say about achieving inner peace, and being compassionate. He has some very interesting points of view on things. I think people could, and I'm sure have, learn a lot from him. He's a very wise man.

Works Cited Fabry, Alois. Sketching Basics. New York: Mud Puddle, Inc., 1986. Print.


I could blog an artwork in this post, but I thought I'd do something else. I thought I'd take this opportunity to show my gratitude to readers of this blog. Thanks to everyone who reads and appreciates my blog and my art. I've had this blog for awhile, and it's cool to see that it's gotten a lot of views. Also, I've had some comments on some posts. Thank you!

'80s Girl Power

This is based on a couple of '80s singers. The one in the suit and tie is based on Katrina Leskanich of Katrina And The Waves. The other is based on Sheena Easton. I was watching a music channel on TV, and pictures of these two singers came on. So, I drew cartoon-style pictures of them. I thought of drawing the female symbol, and the lips. It made me think of '80s girl power. There were some great female musicians in that decade.

Another Guy In Sunglasses

This is an old drawing. I think he looks kind of like Liza Minelli's ex-husband, David Gest The funny thing is, I think I hadn't given this artwork a title until later on. I must have titled it "Another Guy In Sugnlasses," as a follow-up to "Guy In Sunglasses," and didn't realize the former was older than the latter. But, I think The Traveling Wilburys titled their second album "The Traveling Wilburys, Volume 3," and it was actually volume 2.

Believe In Yourself

I saw an inspirational quote from, I think, Kevin Hart on Facebook. "Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will." Kevin Hart posted it. I think it's from him. I've also read a quote from Bobby Chiu that says this: "Whether they are good drawings or not, do a page of studies a day. It'll keep your skills growing. Getting ready to start an artwork, you may hesitate because you're not sure if it will end up meeting your expectations. But, I think it's a good idea to just dive right in and do your best. If you don't like how the artwork turned out. You can always redo it. It would take time to redo it, but you can work it out until you're satisfied with it. I think it also helps to get someone else's opinion on it. Artists can be their own worst critics. You may think that your art isn't quite good enough, but other people might think it's amazing. It's also a good idea to try to do some art everyday. I don't, …

Terry Dodson

Terry Dodson is a profession artist who works in comics. He's done a lot of work for Marvel Comics. His blog is in my links off to the right, here on my art blog. His blog is titled The Bombshelter, and it's at I recommend checking it out. His art is awesome!

Brian Bolland

Brian Bolland is a great professional artist who does a lot of work in comics. He's done work for DC Comics. He's got a blog, I recommend checking it out. He's got a great style that's very detailed and realistic. His blog is very much worth a look. Also, he has a site at It's also very much worth a look.

L E Pegg

My friend L E Pegg is a professional writer. She has a site at She's on deviantART as well. Her deviant name is MistressDelgare. She's written poetry, and she's had e-books for sale on I've added to my links off to the right. I recommend checking out that site and her deviantART page. I also recommend checking out her e-books on


I was looking through my old art and found this. I thought it would make for a good art blog post. Some people think clowns are funny. Some think they're scary. It depends on the person. It seems like clowns have been around for a long time. I think it might be interesting to read about how they came about. Who started the idea of a clown? When? Maybe there's a book on the history of clowns. If there isn't, there should be. In any case, clowns are interesting characters.

Spock Caricature

Here's a caricature I did some time ago. It's Leonard Nimoy as Spock, from the Star Trek movies. I thought the smiley face in place of the rank pin would add a humorous touch to it. I'm a big Trekkie, and some of my favorite Star Trek are the movies with the original cast. Spock is one of the coolest characters in science fiction.

Comics Crash Course

I'm currently studying the book titled Comics Crash Course, by Vincent Giarrano. It's got some interesting tutorials in it. Vincent Giarrano is a great artist. I think he's got a really cool art style. The book looks like it's easy to understand, and very informative. I'm looking to sharpen my skills, so I think this book is a great help to me.