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Doctor Who Series 7 Premiere

I posted a journal entry on my deviantART page about the seventh series premiere of Doctor Who, and an idea I have for Doctor Who art.

The Drawing Board #1 (Flashback Edition)

Since I've got The Drawing Board on hiatus, I decided I'd do more Flashback editions. This one is the first strip in the series. It introduced the main character, Jack Miller, and his friend Matt Kirby.

Fall Semester

Fall semester of college starts tomorrow, and I've posted a journal entry about it, as well as my plans for art this week, over on my deviantART journal, here.

Book Review of Sorts - Batman: Noel

After my dad and I saw The Dark Knight Rises, I was hungering for a new Batman comic to read. This one actually came out last year, but I hadn't gotten it until very recently. I'd read Joker, which Lee Bermejo had done the art for, and I'd really been look forward to reading Batman: Noel the first chance I got. Lee's art is amazing as always. I love the way he interprets The Joker and Batman, the Batmobile, the cityscape. Everything looks fantastic in this book. Lee is not only an immensely talented artist, but also an extremely talented writer as well. The story of A Christmas Carol is told as events unfold involving Batman, The Joker, and a character named Bob. Batman runs into some friends, and enemies, on his mission, and similarities are implied between the Christmas story and Batman's mission. It's a great book, and I definitely plan on reading it every Christmas (Bermejo).

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Joe Kubert 1926 - 2012

I was scrolling through the news feed on Facebook ealier, and I saw's cover photo for their fan page. I was surprised to see "Joe Kubert 1926 - 2012" next to a picture of Batman drawn by Kubert himself. I found it hard to believe that that Joe Kubert passed away. But, sure enough, I looked on Wikipedia and it showed that he'd just passed away today. It's sad news. He was a legend in the comic book industry. He co-founded an art school with his wife Muriel (Wikipedia). You can find out more about the school at I remember getting Joe Kubert's Comic Book Studio kit some years ago. It's really cool. It's detailed and informative, but it's simple enough that it's not difficult to catch on to what he's teaching you in it. Joe Kubert was an immensely talented artist, and he seemed like a really cool guy. He will be greatly missed.

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I posted a journal entry on my deviantART page about writing. You can check it out here.

Mr. Bean

This drawing is of Rowan Atkinson as that loveable goofball, Mr. Bean. My family and I have been getting into Mr. Bean again recently. The live-action TV series has been airing on TV, and we've been watching it. I found out that at least some of the episodes are on I have been wanting to watch the movies too. My family and I saw Bean when it first went to video. We haven't seen Mr. Bean's Holiday yet. Mr. Bean had an animated series in the early part of the first decade of the 21st century. There's an official site for Mr. Bean, at Mr. Bean is hilarious!

deviantART's 12th Birthday

It's deviantART's 12th birthday! I posted a journal entry about it on my deviantART page, here. As you may have seen, I have a link to my deviantART page off to the right on my blog here.

Tricky Dick Nixon

Here's a caricature I drew of late former President Richard M. Nixon. I don't know if he actually ever said "nope" after his famous line about not being a crook. I just felt like adding that on there. I think this week I'll go back over some tutorials on the Five Pencil Method site. I also plan to work on The Drawing Board. I may post some drawings I've already done, as I did with this one. I'm currently reading a book titled Batman: Noel, by the inspiring artist and writer, Lee Bermejo. Watching The Dark Knight Rises got me in the mood for some Batman comics, and Lee Bermejo has an interesting style of art. He draws in a very realistic style. It looks like one example of what Batman and his world might look like in real life. I read Joker awhile back, and once I saw this book I wanted to read it the first chance I got. Lee Bermejo is got amazing talent.

Five Pencil Method

Awhile back, I came across a site run by an artist named Darrel Tank. He's an immensely talented artist and this site of his,, has tutorials from him on his techniques. I'm using it to sharpen my skills, and there are some very interesting things on there. One thing that I found especially interesting, and helpful, was the technique for drawing hair. If you're a beginning artist, or if you're like me and you want to sharpen your skills, I recommend that you check out Darrel Tank's site,