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Turkey Day

Everyone who celebrates it, have a happy and thankful Thanksgiving!


This is a work in progress. I plan on coloring it later on. Anxiety is a serious problem. I've covered it in some of my recent artworks. I think it's an interesting topic for art.


This is a stressed man. I might go back and color this some time. I think I've got many drawings that could use some coloring. It would be an opportunity for me to do some digital coloring.

Jagrafess Rough Sketch

This is a rough sketch of an alien character from series one of Doctor Who, post revival. This is one of the villains that the Ninth Doctor had to deal with. The adventure that this creature appeared in was set in the future on a space station.

Rumination Brain

Rumination can be a headache! You go over and over and over something in your mind. Often what you go over is a problem that doesn't need solving. It's tough to get over, but there are ways to overcome it. If you do ruminate, you need to take action to get over it because it can lead to serious conditions, like depression. Find out what you can do to overcome it. Talk to your doctor if you need to.


Here's a drawing I started on not long ago. I haven't finished it yet. I might start over and redraw it.