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The Cartoon Knight

I got a The Dark Knight Rises drawing set for Christmas, and this is my first drawing with it. I decided to draw Batman from that movie and The Dark Knight, cartoon style. I drew it while I was watching an episode of Doctor Who. It was the episode where they all wear those eye patches. This was a fun picture to draw. Christopher Nolan's Batman films are masterpieces in my opinion. I think this drawing turned out to be pretty cool.

Christmas and New Year's

I hope everybody had a great Christmas. I did. The Doctor Who Christmas special, titled Doctor Who: the Snowmen, aired on Christmas night. It was great. I've done a couple of artworks since then that I think are really cool. New Year's is coming up, and I hope to get a lot of artwork done in the new year. I'm not in a hurry for the holidays to be over, but I am curious about what 2013 will bring, hopefully good things. Everyone, have a great New Year's ,and over all, a happy holidays.

Season's Greetings!

Season's greetings to all! I hope everyone has a great time this holiday season. It's a great time to celebrate with family and friends. It's a wonderful time to decorate, listen to holiday music, and watch Christmas movies. Merry Christmas, happy holidays, and also happy New Year!

Goof Jeans

This is kind of a parody of print ads for jeans. I almost colored this with colored pencils, but I decided to go digital instead. Besides penciling it, I inked it before I scanned and colored it.

Newtown, Connecticut Tragedy

I heard and read about the tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut yesterday. It's a sad thing. Things like that shouldn't keep happening, and yet it does. My heart goes out the victims, and their families, of the tragedy. I wish them the best, and I hope that make it through such times the best they can.


This is something I drew a week or two ago, and colored last night. I hadn't used colored pencils in awhile, so I decided to on this artwork. Prior to that, I drew it in pencil, and inked it. I started drawing cartoony drawings more often back when I started The Drawing Board. I think the more I draw these types of drawings, the more I get the hang of it.

Coming Up

I've done several drawings recently that I'm thinking of blogging. I think I'll want to digitally color at least some of them. I recently changed my profile picture on here and Twitter to a new cartoon portrait I drew of myself:

I thought it would be cool to have a Christmas-themed cartoon self portrait for those things. I hope everybody is have a great time this holiday season. Merry Christmas, and happy holidays!

Banner Tabs

You may have noticed I have tabs on my banner now. I remembered that Terry Dodson, a comic book artist, had a tab menu on his blog. I wanted to have one too, so I've started one. Right now, I have a home tab, and a tab for my deviantART gallery. I'm working on a portfolio page which would be another tab. I like that the menu puts a space between the bottom of the banner and the top of the comic strip. The banner and The Drawing Board comic strip were almost touching before. So, there will be at least one more tab to come.

Possible New Page on My Blog

I've done several drawings in the past couple of days that I might blog at some point. Some of them I feel aren't perfect, but I'm proud of them. I'm thinking of doing a page on here as a gallery of sorts. I have my deviantART page, but I wanted something on here that shows highlights of my art. I'd like to have examples of different things I can do, like comic strips for example. I may either add a new page to my blog for this, put some stuff on my Flickr page and link it to that. Another possibility is, I could create a category on deviantART for said highlights, and link to it from here. I'll work on that and see what happens.

Cartoony Joker

I decided to try drawing Heath Ledger as the Joker in my cartoony style that I developed with The Drawing Board. It's a littler more detailed than how I usually draw in that style though. However, I think it turned out really well. I drew it with a number two HB pencil. After that, I went over it with a Sharpie pen and a Sharpie fine point permanent marker. Heath Ledger was a great actor, and he did an amazing job portraying the Joker in The Dark Knight.


This is my drawing for day 25 of Terri's "30 DAY DRAWING/ART CHALLENGE." You're supposed to draw "your favourite sweet food/candy/etc (Terri)." I have a few favorites, actually, and this is one of them. This specifically is a drawing of a fun size Twix from a Christmas variety bag. The scallop in the right circle behind the Twix is because one of the circles on the wrapper is like that. At least it looks like a circle with a scallop on the wrapper. I'm thinking of doing more with it later.

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Thanksgiving Greetings


Art to Come

I've got five days left on the "30 DAY DRAWING/ART CHALLENGE!" I would have been a lot further along on it but I was more focused on school work and other stuff. Besides that, the artworks I'm doing for Terribly's drawing/art challenge are artworks that I'm doing just for the fun of it. So, I figure I can set it aside for some time (Terri).

I decided I'm probably going to wait until the new year to continue  The Drawing Board.  I like what I've been doing on the newest strips. I think they'll be cool. I feel like I should also do some one panel strips and/or just some drawings of the characters in various situations and things like that. I've got some TDB artworks that I've done that I haven't blogged. I might digitally color them and blog them.

I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving. It's a great reminder of what we are all thankful for. It's a day to look back on the first Thanksgiving. So, everyone have a happy Thanksgivin…

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween, everybody! Here is an alternate version of my artwork for day 20 of the "30 DAY ART CHALLENGE." The actual artwork I did for that day is a one-panel comic. This is without the panel border and speech balloon and all that(Terri).

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Fire in the Sky Alien

Here's a picture I drew back in 2007 of an alien from the movie titled Fire in the Sky. I drew it on paper and then scanned it and colored it digitally. The movie is based on a true story. The abduction scene in the movie, featuring aliens like the one above, is eerie. I've never seen the whole movie, but from what I have seen, it's really interesting.

What's Going On

If you haven't seen it yet, or lately, I have an art blog on Tumblr. I've made a lot of posts on there. You can check it out here. I'm going to be working on my 12th drawing the "Drawing Challenge" that "Terribly" created on deviantART. I'm planning on doing more work on that Doctor Who drawing I mentioned previously. I'm thinking of writing a story of some kind, likely just for fun. So that's "what's going on (Terri)."

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30 Day Drawing Challenge, Part III

If I post my artworks for the drawing challenge, from "Terribly", here's how I think I'll do it. I'll create a category in my deviantART gallery for them, and blog the category on here. By doing that, I won't have to play catch up here on my blog, posting each drawing. I did today's challenge earlier. This is the eighth day of the challenge for me(Terri).

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30 Day Drawing Challenge, Part II

So far, in the "30 DAY DRAWING CHALLENGE (sic)," I've drawn six things. I've drawn myself, Eliza Dushku, a friend from school, a chihuahua, my pajamas, and a brain. There are 24 days to go in the challenge. I'm definitely thinking about getting digital camera pictures of the first three drawings so I can start blogging my challenge drawings. It looks like the challenge will take me into the first full week in November. I'm really enjoying this challenge. If you're taking the "Terribly's" "30 DAY DRAWING CHALLENGE (sic)," I hope you're enjoying it also (Terri).

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30 Day Drawing Challenge

I've been calling the art challenge, from "Terribly," the "30 Day Art Challenge." It actually depends on whether you're looking at the deviation/artwork, or the title below it. The deviation says "30 DAY DRAWING/ART CHALLENGE," and the title below it says "30 DAY ART CHALLENGE." I've done my fourth challenge tonight. I drew it on a sheet of printer paper, so it would fit easily into my scanner. I think this challenge is helping me with the artistic process. I haven't been able to think of much to draw lately. But, this challenge has got me thinking about what else I can draw. I think Terribly had a great idea with this "30 Day Drawing Challenge." If you're an artist, and you do any drawing, I recommend trying it (Terri).

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The Doctor's TARDIS

This is a rough picture I drew recently of the TARDIS from Doctor Who. I say rough because the lines aren't completely straight. Also, I think I placed the light on top too close to the front, and said light looks one dimensional. I still need to finish the artwork with all the Doctors and the TARDIS in it. Doctor Who will be back with new episodes this Christmas.

30 Day Art Challenge, Part II

It occurred to me that I could post my art for the "Art Challenge" on here (Terri). I've already done the second one. It and the first one are on large sheets of paper, and I have a regular-size scanner, so if I post them I'll have to take digital pictures of them and post those. Also, if I post them, I may want to post the first two or so artworks in one post so I don't get behind on posting them on here. So, I'll work it out somehow if I decide to post them. Until then, salutations!

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30 Day Art Challenge

I'm following deviantART's fan page on Facebook, and they posted this. It's a "30 day Art challenge." I'm planning on giving it a try. I haven't started it yet, but I might start it tonight or in the next few days. I think it's a great idea. It's cool exercise for artists, drawing a different thing each day, as listed on the graphic at that link. If you don't have anything else to draw on one of those days, you've got your challenge of the day on that list. So, that's one of the cool things about it. I'm plan to get started on it soon, and if you'd like to, you can take the challenge also (Terri).

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Mike Hammer, Private Eye

This is what I imagine Mike Hammer may look like in The Goliath Bone. It's a book my Mickey Spillane and Max Allan Collins. It's one in a series featuring Spillane's Mike Hammer. This is actually partially inspired by Stacy Keach, Jr.'s portrayal of Mike Hammer in three TV series, and at least one movie. Previous actors played him without a mustache. His portrayal was my introduction to the character, and I think he has always been great as Hammer.

Slimer the Angel

Here's Slimer pretending to be the perfect little angel. He sneaked a snack from the Ghostbusters fridge. I was actually thinking of watching the two Ghostbusters movies this month, since it's the month of Halloween. I might also watch my DVD of episodes of The Real Ghostbusters, the animated show based on the movies. I figured this drawing would make for a good Halloween-themed post. I hope everybody is enjoying their weekend. Have a great Sunday!

Doctor Who Artwork Update

Here's an update on my Doctor Who artwork. I started on it tonight. I drew the first four Doctors. I'll draw the rest of the doctors, and the TARDIS, later. The second Doctor actually looks pretty similar to the first. I am drawing the Doctor Who artwork in pencil on paper, as opposed to doing it digitally, or with other media. I thought about inking it after I've drawn it, but for now I'm thinking of leaving it in the pencil stage once I'm finished drawing it. So, that's where I'm at now with it. There will be more to come on this artwork.


There are various types of pencils. There are wooden pencils, mechanical pencils, lead holders, etc. There are various types of lead as well. It seems to me that wooden pencils, and maybe lead holders, are more advantageous than mechanical pencils. I think mechanical pencils are good for doing cartoony drawings, but when I need to do shading and things like that, I prefer wood pencils. I feel like wood pencils allow me more freedom. I honestly haven't used lead holders very much, but they may as well. If you're environmentally conscious, you can use pencils made of recycled wood, or other materials. I've got one pencil that's made of denim! As I said, there are different types of lead. I think the standard lead that is used for school work and things like that is a number two HB pencil. Different leads give you different shades, and some are darker while some are lighter. If you're an artist, you'll want to give careful consideration to what kinds of pencils yo…

Sinister Smiley Face

This is a sinister smiley face I drew recently. I thought about drawing a realistic looking smiley face, and this is what I ended up drawing. I occasionally draw smiley faces, and I draw them in different ways. This one makes me think of movies like Ghoulies. By the way, I redesigned my blog today. I've kind of been thinking about redesigning my blog for awhile now. I think it looks pretty cool.

Cartoon Self Portrait 4

This is a redraw of my "Working with Layers" artwork, hence the "deja vu" thought balloon. I did this as an exercise in consistency. When you're doing a comic strip or animated work, keeping your style consistent helps the effect of the work. I think the eyes are a little small here compared to how I would usually draw them. Also, cartoon me is not at exactly the same angle as in "Working with Layers." Other than that though, it's looks very consistent to me. 

Floating Head, a.k.a. DUB-DUB-DUB-DUB

I drew this while watching Top Gear on BBC America last night. I made it up. This creature is a DUB-DUB-DUB-DUB, and that's the extent of its vocabulary. It just says "DUB-DUB-DUB-DUB." It flies on those little wings on the sides of it's head. It's a small, light creature, so the wings can support it pretty well. I came up with the "DUB-DUB-DUB-DUB" part because it's something I said while stretching once. Despite it's droopy appearance, it's a fast-moving creature. So, this is what can happen when I draw while watching Top Gear late at night.

Doctor Who Art

In a previous blog post, I mentioned that I was thinking about doing Doctor Who drawings. I was sketching for the first one earlier, and I decided I'd rather do one drawing of all of them, and the TARDIS. That doesn't necessarily mean I'll draw them all on one sheet of paper. I might draw them each on individual sheets of paper and then put them together as one artwork. I'm really enjoying watching the new episodes of Doctor Who, which air Saturday nights at 9/8 c on BBC America. Matt Smith is an awesome Doctor, and Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill are great companions. I've gotten so into this show that I decided I should do an Doctor Who artwork. It's a great show, and I very much recommend it. It's exciting!

Jack Miller, Private Eye

I thought it would be cool to draw Jack Miller as the classic type of private detective. The drawing is inspired by characters like Mike Hammer. There were a couple of great TV series in the '80s featuring Stacey Keach, Jr. as Mike Hammer. There was also a third one in more recent years.

Tumblr - Josh's Art Blog (Updated)

Since I joined Tumblr, I'd been tempted to start an art blog on there, even though I said I didn't need one on there because I have one here on Blogger. I finally decided this week that I would start one after all. I figure it'll give my art more exposure. Right now, I'm just posting artworks on my Tumblr art blog that, more or less of them, I've already posted on here. I've basically been posting them to Tumblr  from my deviantART gallery. So, if you want to check it out, it's at

Update: Just to be clear, I am still art blogging on here. It's just that now I'm art blogging on here AND on my Tumblr art blog.

Patriot Day

Today is Patriot Day. We remember the Americans who lost their lives on September 11, 2001. We will never forget them, nor will we forget the firefighters, police, and others who risked their lives to save others.


It's a new week, and a new month. The Doctor Who series seven premiere was awesome! Next Saturday's episode features "dinosaurs on a spaceship!" I'm thinking about what to do as far as art this week. One thing is, of course, to work on The Drawing Board. I think I'm going to study some of my art books to sharpen my skills. I might start working on some Doctor Who art. I've thought about doing a new design for my art blog. I think I'd like to see if I can come up with something for the banner, and maybe use a different template that Blogger offers. So, I'll see what happens with this week.

Doctor Who Series 7 Premiere

I posted a journal entry on my deviantART page about the seventh series premiere of Doctor Who, and an idea I have for Doctor Who art.

The Drawing Board #1 (Flashback Edition)

Since I've got The Drawing Board on hiatus, I decided I'd do more Flashback editions. This one is the first strip in the series. It introduced the main character, Jack Miller, and his friend Matt Kirby.

Fall Semester

Fall semester of college starts tomorrow, and I've posted a journal entry about it, as well as my plans for art this week, over on my deviantART journal, here.

Book Review of Sorts - Batman: Noel

After my dad and I saw The Dark Knight Rises, I was hungering for a new Batman comic to read. This one actually came out last year, but I hadn't gotten it until very recently. I'd read Joker, which Lee Bermejo had done the art for, and I'd really been look forward to reading Batman: Noel the first chance I got. Lee's art is amazing as always. I love the way he interprets The Joker and Batman, the Batmobile, the cityscape. Everything looks fantastic in this book. Lee is not only an immensely talented artist, but also an extremely talented writer as well. The story of A Christmas Carol is told as events unfold involving Batman, The Joker, and a character named Bob. Batman runs into some friends, and enemies, on his mission, and similarities are implied between the Christmas story and Batman's mission. It's a great book, and I definitely plan on reading it every Christmas (Bermejo).

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Joe Kubert 1926 - 2012

I was scrolling through the news feed on Facebook ealier, and I saw's cover photo for their fan page. I was surprised to see "Joe Kubert 1926 - 2012" next to a picture of Batman drawn by Kubert himself. I found it hard to believe that that Joe Kubert passed away. But, sure enough, I looked on Wikipedia and it showed that he'd just passed away today. It's sad news. He was a legend in the comic book industry. He co-founded an art school with his wife Muriel (Wikipedia). You can find out more about the school at I remember getting Joe Kubert's Comic Book Studio kit some years ago. It's really cool. It's detailed and informative, but it's simple enough that it's not difficult to catch on to what he's teaching you in it. Joe Kubert was an immensely talented artist, and he seemed like a really cool guy. He will be greatly missed.

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I posted a journal entry on my deviantART page about writing. You can check it out here.

Mr. Bean

This drawing is of Rowan Atkinson as that loveable goofball, Mr. Bean. My family and I have been getting into Mr. Bean again recently. The live-action TV series has been airing on TV, and we've been watching it. I found out that at least some of the episodes are on I have been wanting to watch the movies too. My family and I saw Bean when it first went to video. We haven't seen Mr. Bean's Holiday yet. Mr. Bean had an animated series in the early part of the first decade of the 21st century. There's an official site for Mr. Bean, at Mr. Bean is hilarious!

deviantART's 12th Birthday

It's deviantART's 12th birthday! I posted a journal entry about it on my deviantART page, here. As you may have seen, I have a link to my deviantART page off to the right on my blog here.

Tricky Dick Nixon

Here's a caricature I drew of late former President Richard M. Nixon. I don't know if he actually ever said "nope" after his famous line about not being a crook. I just felt like adding that on there. I think this week I'll go back over some tutorials on the Five Pencil Method site. I also plan to work on The Drawing Board. I may post some drawings I've already done, as I did with this one. I'm currently reading a book titled Batman: Noel, by the inspiring artist and writer, Lee Bermejo. Watching The Dark Knight Rises got me in the mood for some Batman comics, and Lee Bermejo has an interesting style of art. He draws in a very realistic style. It looks like one example of what Batman and his world might look like in real life. I read Joker awhile back, and once I saw this book I wanted to read it the first chance I got. Lee Bermejo is got amazing talent.

Five Pencil Method

Awhile back, I came across a site run by an artist named Darrel Tank. He's an immensely talented artist and this site of his,, has tutorials from him on his techniques. I'm using it to sharpen my skills, and there are some very interesting things on there. One thing that I found especially interesting, and helpful, was the technique for drawing hair. If you're a beginning artist, or if you're like me and you want to sharpen your skills, I recommend that you check out Darrel Tank's site,

The Dark Knight Rises

My dad and I saw The Dark Knight Rises, and it is truly a masterpiece! It was great to see all those characters back on the big screen. Anne Hathaway was great as Catwoman, and I think the costume looked great. Tom Hardy was menacing as Bane. Marion Cotillard was great as Miranda Tate, and if you haven't seen the movie yet, I'll just say that there's more to her character than meets the eye. The regular cast was great as usual, and Christopher Nolan and Crew as awesome as ever as well. Hans Zimmer's score was fantastic. It's an epic movie. This is Batman and his world as you've never seen them before in the movies. It's a great story, and it's very exciting. Considering that this is supposedly Christopher Nolan's last Batman movie, it's a bitter sweet. It's sad that it's the last of this incarnation of Batman on film, but it's an immensely enjoyable installment in the series. Now having seen the entire trilogy, I feel like checking …

Letter and Autograph From Jim Davis

Not long ago, I sent a message to the Webmaster on, asking for an autograph and/or a drawing from Jim Davis. More recently, they sent me the two things in the picture above. I thought it was really cool to receive these, and I really appreciate them. Jim Davis, Garfield, and the people at Paws, Inc. are awesome!

Aurora, Colorado Massacre

By now you've probably heard about this. The massacre in a Colorado theater has been on the news all day. It's really disturbing. One of the victims, if I remember correctly, was a three-month-old child. It's really sad. I think they should not cancel showings of The Dark Knight Rises, and in fact do a tribute to the victims at every showing. Thoughts and prayers to the victims, and hopefully justice will served quickly and powerfully.


Matt Wieringo, brother of comic book artist Mike Wieringo, blogged about a new memorial to raise money for the Hero Initiative. The Hero Initiative is an organization dedicated to helping out people in the comics industry. For more information, check out their official site, here. Marvel editor Tom Brevoort and Jim McLaughlin came up with this memorial. The memorial is dedicated to Mike Wieringo and Mark Gruenwald. Matt's blog post is here, and it has a link to the site for the memorial at the end of the post (Wieringo). Works Cited Wieringo, Matt. "M-Day." Blog posting. 13 Jul 2012. Ad Nauseum. Web. 13 Jul 2012.

The Amazing Spider-man (Movie)

I saw The Amazing Spider-man tonight with my dad. It's AWESOME! If they insisted on rebooting Spider-man, I think they did it the right way. I was a little concerned beforehand because I read that there was no wrestling scene, no speaking the line "with great power comes great responsibility," and the costume wasn't exactly like the one in the comics, although it was an awesome costume. But, despite those concerns, I think it was an amazing movie, pun intended. They did include those elements of the origin, in a way, by the way. Just not in the same way as in the comics. Some people have been comparing it to the Sam Raimi movies. I think Sam Raimi and Marc Webb's versions of Spidey are each great in their own ways. I am definitely looking forward to a sequel to The Amazing Spider-man.

Rowan Atkinson as Enrico Pollini

This is Rowan Atkinson as Enrico Pollini from the 2001 comedy film, Rat Race. Rowan Atkinson is one of the funniest and most talented actors there is. I was disappointed to read on Wikipedia today that Mr. Bean's Holiday is the last time Rowan Atkinson will play Mr. Bean. The great thing about the actor though is that any character he plays is gold. Anything he does is entertaining. Johnny English seems like he's becoming as popular a character as Mr. Bean himself. I've seen both Johnny English movies and he's a really cool character. So, here's to Rowan Atkinson!

Judge Dredd Profile

He is THE LAW! I've been psyched about the new Judge Dredd movie, simply titled Dredd, so I did this drawing. I thought the Sylvester Stallone Judge Dredd movie was cool, and I think this new one, which IS NOT A SEQUEL, will be cool too. Maybe even better. I know the Stallone film was more or less poorly received. So, if you were disappointed about that one, I don't think you will be with the new one. Some people complained about Stallone taking the helmet off in the movie he was in. Karl Urban has said that you won't see his face without the helmet. It looks like in the trailer, the most you might see is the back of his head when he's putting it on. It looks to be an awesome movie. They have a Web site up for the movie, so if your interested, you can check it out at

Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury

I've had a few artworks that I haven't posted yet, so I thought I'd blog one today. This drawing is one I did around the time my dad and I went to see The Avengers at the theater. I might go back and digitally color. I think it would look even cooler that way. I think Samuel L. Jackson is great as Nick Fury. I think it's cool that they decided to go with the Ultimate version. If you haven't seen The Avengers yet, I recommend checking it out. If you have seen it, I recommend going to see it again.

The Drawing Board #26

In this edition of The Drawing Board, Jack is being his usual goofy self.

The Drawing Board #3 (Flashback Edition)

This week I'm posting a flashback edition of "The Drawing Board." In this installment of The Drawing Board, Jennifer Kyle is introduced, and Jack deals with an artist's worst enemy.

The Drawing Board #25

In this strip, Jack gives his review of The Avengers movie.

The Avengers Movie (the Marvel Comics One)

I saw The Avengers with my dad. It was WAY BEYOND AWESOME!!!! I'm not sure how much I can say without giving anything away, but this is a must-see movie. This is the best Marvel Comics movie ever in my opinion. I think it's in my top five favorite movies of all time. I think it will be one of my most memorable movie experiences ever. I hope they don't waste too much time getting the sequel made.

The Drawing Board and Other Art

More of The Drawing Board is coming. I'm thinking about ideas for future strips. I'm also thinking about other art projects. I'd like to do some portraits. I haven't done those in awhile. I'm also planning on sharpening my skills and doing some comic book art. Right now I'm thinking about what I can do this week. So, I'll see what kind of art I make.

Cartoon Self Portrait 3

This is the third in a series of cartoon portraits of myself. I decided I wanted a new profile picture for myself on Twitter, so I drew and colored this. I thought the halftone background would be a cool touch, instead of just a plain, solid orange one. At first, I had his eyes wide open, but then I though he needed to look more calm, so I have the eye lids down somewhat. I'm also using this picture as my profile picture on Blogger. I think it turned out really well.

Alien Faces

Here are a variety of alien faces. Some of them closely resemble humans, and others are more unusual. I started the drawing with the guy with buck teeth and tattoos. I didn't intend to do a group of faces right off. I just started drawing that guy and, at some point, I got the idea to do a whole bunch of faces. I drew them on paper and inked them with a Sharpie pen. I discovered Sharpie pens awhile back and I've been using them for inking my drawings ever since. I'm actually still using the first ones I've ever gotten. They're supposed to not smear or bleed through the paper, and indeed, they haven't since I've been using them. Lately I've been using a mechanical pencil for my drawings. I use an old Pentel that takes 0.7 mm lead. I've been using a Pacon Artist Sketch Diary for sketching and doodling in. The paper is great. It's got the right consistency for what I like. It's like the sketchbooks I used to get at Walmart. This one is also f…

The Drawing Board #24

The 24th issue of The Drawing Board is now up! In this issue, Jack ponders the great mysteries of life.

I'm a Man

This is inspired by the latest Dr. Pepper 10 commercial. It's the one with the guy in a plaid or flannel shirt walking through I think a garage. The Dr. Pepper 10 commercials tout the drink as a man's drink, and I'd been thinking about The Spencer Davis Group's song, "I'm a Man," so I decided to give it that title as a nod to that song.

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter, everybody!

Joker Face

Ja-ja-ja-ja-ja-ja-ja-ja-Joker face! I drew this in my cartoony style on paper with markers, a pencil, and a pen. I've had this in my sketchbook for awhile, but I hadn't gotten around to posting it until today. I've thought about doing comics with DC Comics characters at some point, in my cartoony style. I might do Marvel too. Maybe Darkhorse or Image, or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. If I do, I'll surely post them on here and my deviantART page.

The Drawing Board #23

The newest issue of The Drawing Board is up, and in this issue, Matt and Jack discuss Jack's collection, and The Dark Knight Rises.

Colorful Eliza Dushku

My sister recently bought me a scratch paper kit, and this is one of the artworks I did with it. I think it turned out really well. It's very colorful, hence the title, "Colorful Eliza Dushku."

The Drawing Board #22

The Drawing Board #22 is now up! Introducing, in this issue...THE COFFEE DANCE!

R. Crumb

I thought this character looked like one of the Cookie Crisp mascots. My dad said he looks like R. (Robert) Crumb. I can indeed see the resemblance. Robert Crumb is an artist and the creator of Fritz the Cat.

The Drawing Board #21

Here, Jack reminisces about one of his favorite!

Hot Wheels

This past Christmas, 2011, I got another pack of scratch paper squares. This is one of the artworks I did with it. It's a Hot-Wheels-themed artwork. I'm a big fan of Hot Wheels. Hot Wheels are awesome. I might do some more Hot-Wheels-themed artworks in the future. Scratch paper is really fun to work with. It seems like I remember reading in Wizard magazine that Frank Miller used scratch paper when he was working on The Dark Knight Strikes Again. I think it was for character designs. Whereas mine have been black or white on something like a rainbow pattern, his had a solid color on top of another solid color. I like the rainbow pattern. It looks cool when it shows through what I've drawn. Scratch paper is really cool.

Inspiration and the 21st Issue of The Drawing Board

I did some rough sketches for the 21st issue of The Drawing Board. I think I've got an cool idea for it. I won't give too much away right here, but I will say that it's going to be goofy. I've been reading the Garfield books that collect the individual newspaper strips. Garfield is awesome! As a cartoonist, I find Jim Davis and Garfield inspiring. I think it takes some serious commitment to do a daily strip, which I would like to do eventually. You have to come up with an idea for a strip every day. So, you have to have a great imagination, and the willingness to draw a comic strip seven days a week. It also helps to have a great sense of humor, which I think Jim Davis has. I'm a goofy guy myself, so I do have a sense of humor. Whether anyone has one like mine is another thing. Working on comic strips can be a fun experience if you're up for the challenge.

Prints for Sale

As you may have seen, I have a link off to the right that goes to my deviantART page. I have made prints of some of my artworks available on there. You can check them out here.

Eliza Dushku Needs Your Help

Eliza Dushku's 31st birthday is over (it was December 30th), but her birthday wish is to raise $31,000 for THARCE-GULU, and she still needs help. She's got a goal going on Crowdrise, and she's currently at 88%. To check it out, go here. I would really like to see her reach her goal of $31,000. So, please donate, and help her get up to 100% of her goal.

The Drawing Board #20

It's the 20th issue of The Drawing Board! In this issue, Jack enjoys a Christmas present Jennifer got him.

The Drawing Board #19

In this, the 19th issue of The Drawing Board, Violet finally gets some panel time. I decided to go back to the original comic strip template.

A New Year, a New Banner

I just put up a new banner on my art blog. I've thought about doing multiple banners throughout the year, so this might not be up for all of that time. Although, if I do a banner that I especially like, I might make it the regular banner for the year. I do plan to have special ones for the holidays though, as I've done before. I hope everyone is having a great year so far. There's more year to come.

Like I Like My Coffee

I hope everyone is having a great New Year so far. I've been playing Batman: Arkham Asylum. One piece of advice I have is this, when you're done playing it for the time being and you have a PS3, push and hold the power button on the chrome part of the console until it turns red. Then, flip the switch. Don't flip the switch right away or your saved game may become corrupted and you'll lose it. Then, you'll have to start over. I did, but I didn't get very upset about it. I figured I could start over and be prepared right away for the room with the gargoyles and the office with a bunch of glass windows. That's the part that ends with you finding the first riddle from the Riddler. I'm new to playing the Arkham games. It's cool playing Batman: Arkham Asylum in 3D.

I was thinking about that saying women have, "I like my men like I like my and strong." I figured my coffee saying would be something like in this graphic I made. Ever…

The Drawing Board #18

It's a New Year's celebration in this issue of The Drawing Board, and Jack shows his New Year's spirit.