Book Review of Sorts - Batman: Noel

After my dad and I saw The Dark Knight Rises, I was hungering for a new Batman comic to read. This one actually came out last year, but I hadn't gotten it until very recently. I'd read Joker, which Lee Bermejo had done the art for, and I'd really been look forward to reading Batman: Noel the first chance I got. Lee's art is amazing as always. I love the way he interprets The Joker and Batman, the Batmobile, the cityscape. Everything looks fantastic in this book. Lee is not only an immensely talented artist, but also an extremely talented writer as well. The story of A Christmas Carol is told as events unfold involving Batman, The Joker, and a character named Bob. Batman runs into some friends, and enemies, on his mission, and similarities are implied between the Christmas story and Batman's mission. It's a great book, and I definitely plan on reading it every Christmas (Bermejo).

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