Joe Kubert 1926 - 2012

I was scrolling through the news feed on Facebook ealier, and I saw's cover photo for their fan page. I was surprised to see "Joe Kubert 1926 - 2012" next to a picture of Batman drawn by Kubert himself. I found it hard to believe that that Joe Kubert passed away. But, sure enough, I looked on Wikipedia and it showed that he'd just passed away today. It's sad news. He was a legend in the comic book industry. He co-founded an art school with his wife Muriel (Wikipedia). You can find out more about the school at I remember getting Joe Kubert's Comic Book Studio kit some years ago. It's really cool. It's detailed and informative, but it's simple enough that it's not difficult to catch on to what he's teaching you in it. Joe Kubert was an immensely talented artist, and he seemed like a really cool guy. He will be greatly missed.

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