Tricky Dick Nixon

Here's a caricature I drew of late former President Richard M. Nixon. I don't know if he actually ever said "nope" after his famous line about not being a crook. I just felt like adding that on there. I think this week I'll go back over some tutorials on the Five Pencil Method site. I also plan to work on The Drawing Board. I may post some drawings I've already done, as I did with this one. I'm currently reading a book titled Batman: Noel, by the inspiring artist and writer, Lee Bermejo. Watching The Dark Knight Rises got me in the mood for some Batman comics, and Lee Bermejo has an interesting style of art. He draws in a very realistic style. It looks like one example of what Batman and his world might look like in real life. I read Joker awhile back, and once I saw this book I wanted to read it the first chance I got. Lee Bermejo is got amazing talent.


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