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He is THE LAW! I've been psyched about the new Judge Dredd movie, simply titled Dredd, so I did this drawing. I thought the Sylvester Stallone Judge Dredd movie was cool, and I think this new one, which IS NOT A SEQUEL, will be cool too. Maybe even better. I know the Stallone film was more or less poorly received. So, if you were disappointed about that one, I don't think you will be with the new one. Some people complained about Stallone taking the helmet off in the movie he was in. Karl Urban has said that you won't see his face without the helmet. It looks like in the trailer, the most you might see is the back of his head when he's putting it on. It looks to be an awesome movie. They have a Web site up for the movie, so if your interested, you can check it out at DreddtheMovie.com.


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