Inspiration and the 21st Issue of The Drawing Board

I did some rough sketches for the 21st issue of The Drawing Board. I think I've got an cool idea for it. I won't give too much away right here, but I will say that it's going to be goofy. I've been reading the Garfield books that collect the individual newspaper strips. Garfield is awesome! As a cartoonist, I find Jim Davis and Garfield inspiring. I think it takes some serious commitment to do a daily strip, which I would like to do eventually. You have to come up with an idea for a strip every day. So, you have to have a great imagination, and the willingness to draw a comic strip seven days a week. It also helps to have a great sense of humor, which I think Jim Davis has. I'm a goofy guy myself, so I do have a sense of humor. Whether anyone has one like mine is another thing. Working on comic strips can be a fun experience if you're up for the challenge.


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