Alien Faces

Here are a variety of alien faces. Some of them closely resemble humans, and others are more unusual. I started the drawing with the guy with buck teeth and tattoos. I didn't intend to do a group of faces right off. I just started drawing that guy and, at some point, I got the idea to do a whole bunch of faces. I drew them on paper and inked them with a Sharpie pen. I discovered Sharpie pens awhile back and I've been using them for inking my drawings ever since. I'm actually still using the first ones I've ever gotten. They're supposed to not smear or bleed through the paper, and indeed, they haven't since I've been using them. Lately I've been using a mechanical pencil for my drawings. I use an old Pentel that takes 0.7 mm lead. I've been using a Pacon Artist Sketch Diary for sketching and doodling in. The paper is great. It's got the right consistency for what I like. It's like the sketchbooks I used to get at Walmart. This one is also from Walmart. Those are the media I've been using lately.


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