Sword of Omens

I was watching Thundercats last night and it occurred to me, there hasn't been a show like it since, or at least not many. For one thing, the animation is very realistic and detailed. Most animated action shows nowadays have a style similar to that of Batman: the Animated Series, or anime. Those types of animation are great, but there's been nothing that looks like Thundercats since the '80s or early '90s. Another thing is, as far as I remember, there also hasn't been many animated shows like it in the fantasy genre since. I think you could probably describe it as being somewhere between Lord of the Rings and Star Wars. I know there aren't talking cat people, living in a lair shaped like a giant cat, in either of those, but it sort of has the feel of those. Third Earth sort of resembles a world like the one in Lord of the Rings, with all kinds characters, but there is also technology like in Star Wars. Star Wars also has some worlds that don't look as technologically advanced as other areas of the galaxy, except for pod races and secret bases and things like that. I drew this picture from a screen grab from Thundercats. I scanned it and colored it with some gradients and some patterns. I tinted the background pattern, which was originally green. I pasted the logo in the sword from another picture.


Nate said…
I looooooooove the Thundercats! Seriously, I'm obsessed!!! I own all the episodes and watch them frequently!!! They ROCK!!!
Josh said…
Me too! I own season one, volume one. I've been watching an episode or two almost every night lately. I agree, they ROCK!!!

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