The Dalai Lama

"The Dalai Lama"
I've been practicing line drawing with the book titled Sketching Basics, by Alois Fabry. I think this drawing turned out pretty well, but I might like to try doing a version without the shading. Alois Fabry has the reader start out just drawing lines, and towards the end of the project, he has them doing shading. Line drawing, from what he said, doesn't have shading or anything like that. I guess he tells the reader to add shading to make it more than a line drawing (Fabry, 18-23).

I've been kind of following His Holiness, the Dalai Lama, and what he does. I've been reading his books. I like what he has to say about achieving inner peace, and being compassionate. He has some very interesting points of view on things. I think people could, and I'm sure have, learn a lot from him. He's a very wise man.

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Nathan said…
This turned out great!
Nathan said…
This turned out great!
Josh said…
Thanks, Nathan!

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