Hand Study II

"Hand Study II"
Last night, I listened to some music and did some drawing. This is one of the drawings I did. It's another drawing of my hand. I feel like the hand is one of the more challenging things to draw. As you can tell by looking at your hand, the fingers are each different lengths. They each have two joints, four if you count the knuckles. The thumb is an exception. It has one joint, or two if you count the knuckle. The hand has kind of a sophisticated shape, so you want to make sure it looks just right. The hand is one of the subjects I especially like to practice drawing.


Nate said…
That's a really great drawing! Hands are sooo hard to draw! Looks like you've mastered them though :-)
Josh said…
Thanks, Nate! I still have some trouble with hands at times, but I do a lot better than I used to.

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