The Drawing Board Redesigns - Avery Ellis Redesign II

"Avery Ellis Redesign II"
This is an alternate redesign for Avery Ellis of my comic strip titled The Drawing Board. I was listening to some music and drawing tonight. I redrew Jennifer Kyle and then Avery. With Jennifer, I just drew her torso shorter. With Avery, I decided to try a different body type. I think I like this one better than the previous one. I'm not sure if I'll consider it the final one though. I finished using the paper in the drawing pad with the Jennifer drawing, so I decided to use the inside back cover for Avery. I like to draw on the back covers of my sketchbooks and drawing pads. I've thought of another possible body type for Avery as I've been writing this. So, there may be another version of the Avery Ellis redesign to come.


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