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I haven't got a drawing to post today. I've been busy with some other things this week so I haven't done a lot of drawing. I'm planning on looking into finding the right paper for my Ginger artwork that I mentioned in a previous post. According to Drawing: A Complete Course, by Jenny Rodwell, a "strong paper" works best for pastels (Rodwell, 123). Oil pastel would be my first choice for the artwork, colored pencil being second. I don't do a lot of oil pastels, so it seems like the thing to try for it.

I'm going to be working on redesigns for my Drawing Board comic strip. I want to apply what I've learned from Christopher Hart's book, Modern Cartooning, to it. I also want to think about ideas for more strips in the series. I want to come up with some really funny stuff. I want to try to top what I more or less consider to be the first volume of the series.

Another thing I think I'd like to do is maybe further study Vincent Van Gogh, and some other artists. Reading about other artists and their work can be inspiring. The life of Vincent Van Gogh and his art has been very interesting from what I've read so far.

So, that's what's going on with me in terms of art right now, or at least some of it. I'm concentrating on ideas for new artworks, applying new techniques to my art, and studying the masters in art.

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