Thoughts About My Art

I was just looking at a previous blog post before posting this one. It reminded me that I think Jennifer Kyle's lower legs are too thin in the redesign. I'll want to tweak them. I want to possibly start writing Drawing Board strips in place of what I've written, or for another month.

I've got the paper for my artwork of Ginger. It's builder's paper, 24 inches by 104 inches. It's a roll. I think the next step is to cut out the right size sheet for the artwork. Then, I'll draw the picture before starting to use the oil pastels. After reading about Vincent Van Gogh, I decided to choose a picture with bright colors for the artwork. It's kind of a collaboration because my dad took the photo that I'm doing the oil pastel work of.

In the recent past, I've thought about doing various types of artworks to put together as a portfolio. I may do those for a tangible portfolio, as well as a portfolio page on here. I'll do stuff like comic book pages, comic strips, maybe stuff like posters. As far as the portfolio page on here, I would like to have another page or two on the menu bar below my banner. The portfolio idea is the only thing I've had in mind for that so far.

Those are my thoughts on my art at the moment. I want to get to work on those things soon.


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