"Eight Ball"

Here's another drawing from my small Dark Knight Rises sketchbook. I like drawing eight balls. I've got a magic eight ball. Those are some of the coolest toys ever. It's interesting to see what kind of response you'll get from it.

I'm continuing to read Vincent Van Gogh: Portrait of an Artist, by Jan Greenberg and Sandra Jordan. I'm learning a lot of things I never knew about Van Gogh. I knew very little about him before I started researching him. Vincent Van Gogh was a troubled but talented artist. I may do some more reading about him. I might check out some more movies about him. He was, and still is, an interesting artist.

I've got more blank pages in my small Dark Knight Rises sketchbook to draw on. I'm feeling inspired by my research of Vincent Van Gogh. I'll see what I kind of artworks I do in that sketchbook, as well as on other materials.


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