Stylized and Photo-Realistic Drawing Styles

Last night, I was thinking about styles of drawing. Some people want to draw so real that their drawing look like photos. That's good. I think it's great if you can draw that realistically. However, I think drawing in a not photo-realistic way, or stylized as I'm calling it, has it's advantages. If you draw not photo-realistically, you may be drawing in a style all your own. If everyone drew photo-realistically, you probably wouldn't be able to tell who drew what. If you look at some of the legendary artists in the history of art itself, you can usually tell who did what. Vincent Van Gogh, for example, has a style that is easily recognizable as his. Whether it's a painting or a drawing, or whatever, it's obviously Van Gogh. This is all not to say that photo-realistic drawing is bad. It depends on if you're going for that look. But, stylized drawing can be beneficial to your art.


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