Frank Cho's Blog

From time to time on my art blog, I highlight, or spotlight, a particular blog in my list of blogs I follow, off to the right. For this blog post, I'm focusing on Fank Cho's blog, which is at (FYI, his blog is kind of risqué at times). Frank Cho is a great artist. I think he might be one of my favorites. He's one of those artists who is known for drawing beautiful women, but they aren't the only things he's great at drawing. I he's great at drawing all kinds of characters, scenery, etc. He's got a great eye for detail. I've got some books with his art in them. One in particular is his Women book. I've got some comics and graphic novels with his art in them. Probably one of Frank Cho's best known works is Liberty Meadows, and you can see a comic from the Liberty Meadows comic strip series near the top of the main page on his blog everyday. Frank Cho is a great artist, and his blog is definitely worth a look in my opinion.


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