Fact or Faked

Skeptics and paranormal experts sometimes try to replicate paranormal phenomena to prove or disprove it. There was a whole show about that titled Fact or Faked: Chronicles of the Paranormal. I was always bothered by something about that show: just because you can replicate a phenomenon doesn’t necessarily mean it’s fake. It could just mean you’re good at special effects on some level. Stan Winston was a special effects artist. He and his special effects company created very convincing dinosaurs in Jurassic Park, but we all know dinosaurs DID exist. There are period drama films portraying events like the Civil War, but we all know those events DID happen. Just because you can replicate a ghost or a UFO, whatever, on film, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. I personally don’t know for sure if ghosts or UFOs exist. I do believe there’s a possibility of intelligent life elsewhere in the universe. But, I don’t think seeing phenomena replicated proves or disproves the phenomena to me. I think there would have to have more convincing proof, fact or faked, than that.


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