Art Links

I'm doing this blog post to bring attention to my art links. The first link is Wacom. I use a Wacom tablet for digital artworks. It's a great tool. My Wacom tablet helps me to digitally color drawings, and to do entirely digital drawings, both in better quality than I could do with a mouse. Next is Christopher Hart How-to-Draw Books. I've got four of Christopher Hart's how-to-draw books. I've got Drawing Animals Made Amazingly Easy, Human Anatomy Made Amazingly Easy, The Master Guide to Drawing Anime, and Modern Cartooning. Christopher Hart's books are very informative and easy to understand. If you want to learn how to draw, his books are some great ones to check out. The third link is Pacon Creative Products. I often get Pacon brand sketchbooks and drawing pads for my art. I like to use the ones with heavyweight paper in them. You can find those products at stores like Walmart. They're great products. These things are very helpful to my art. Happy holidays!


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