My Thoughts On Simon Pegg On Sci-Fi And Comic Book Movies

This is sort of an art-related thing, and besides, I'm having trouble posting on Tumblr. Simon Pegg recently commented on sci-fi and comic book movies (warning: there is some strong language in the article at that link). He's got the right to his own opinion, but I disagree with him. I think sci-fi films can be thought provoking. I think even movies like Avengers: Age of Ultron have intelligent things to say if you really look at them. I think those movies probably just don't get as much credit as they deserve because people still have the misguided belief that comic book stuff is still just for kids.

If you look at Avengers: Age of Ultron, it shows what can happen when man tries to play God. Tony Stark creates Ultron and all heck breaks loose. Also, the movie is about working together as a team. There's the romance between Bruce Banner and Natasha Romanoff. The twins, Wanda and Pietro Maximoff, are evidence of the tragedy that comes from war.

The Dark Knight trilogy was indeed a sophisticated series of comic book movies. It was great. Some people look for thought provoking films, but in my opinion it's more about escapism and entertainment. You can have thought provoking films, but I think they also need to be entertaining. I think the Dark Knight trilogy was both of those things, as are other comic book films. But, in my opinion, thought provoking or not, if it's not entertaining than it doesn't seem worth watching.

I think sci-fi movies, comic book movies, all of those types of movie, deserve more credit. Those genre movies are entertaining, and some of them, if not all, have something to say.


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