Movie Review: Jurassic World

Jurassic World is a phenomenal movie! Two brothers go to Jurassic World at Isla Nubar. The older made me think, “I know you miss your girlfriend, but YOU’RE ON AN ISLAND WITH LIVE DINOSAURS.” There were times when I saw him looking at other girls and I thought, “is he thinking of cheating on his girlfriend?”  The younger kid, who was very intelligent, had more appreciation for Jurassic World. But then the older kid seemed to get into the whole thing at one point. Bryce Dallas Howard played their aunt. I think her character played out in an interesting way in the movie. Chris Pratt was the hero of the film, although Howard had her  heroic moments as well. I really liked him in Guardians of the Galaxy, and his character in Jurassic World was different, but did have some humor, like Starlord. Pratt’s character helps them go after Indominus Rex, the new dinosaur that goes on the loose. Vincent D’Onofrio shows once again that he’s great at playing a bad guy. You get a hint of what his plans are at about the beginning of the movie.  Indominus Rex wreaks havoc, and the humans pursue her to try to put an end to said havoc. There’s a lot of action, adventure, great story. There are some touching moments, like when you see what Indominus Rex does to the other dinosaurs.  One familiar dinosaur does battle with Indominus Rex at the end of the movie. Another great thing about the movie was the music. You hear that familiar Jurassic Park theme music in parts of the movie.

This was a great movie, and I think it’s a great experience  for pretty much anyone, especially fans of the first three movies. There are one or two throwbacks to the previous movies in this one. B.D. Wong reprises his character. Also, look closely at the console of Jake Johnson’s character in the control room. I’m pretty sure you see a book written by Jeff  Goldblum’s character from the first two movies, and you see a picture of him on the back. Jurassic World is a great movie and I would love to own it on DVD or Bluray, or Bluray/DVD combo, when it comes out on those.


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