Ginger - The Beginning

I finally got started on my Ginger artwork last night. I delayed it for awhile because 1) I wanted to make sure I was in the mode to do it and, 2) I was trying to decide on whether to use the grid method, and how to do it. I ended up passing on the grid method because it looked like it would be a complicated process for the size of the photo and the drawing. I think I'm very good at drawing completely freehand though, so I figured I could probably manage without the grid. I was concerned about how much the artwork should look like the photo, down to the smallest detail. I decided it doesn't necessarily have to look identical. Not drawing it identical to the photo in fact makes it more my drawing. Artists can try to make their artworks identical to the subject if they want, but I think doing it a little different has its benefits. If you take some liberties with it, it has a style that's yours. You can draw the hairs in more or less different positions, or whatever. I've gotten a good ways into the artwork, and I hope to get quite a bit done on it this week. So, my work on the Ginger artwork has begun.


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