The Drawing Board Redesigns

Various drawings for The Drawing Board redesigns
I drew these drawings back when I was redesigning the characters for my comic strip titled The Drawing Board. The characters on there are Avery Ellis (with the goatee), Violet, and myself. Then there are, of course, the titles. I always put the title at the top of each comic strip previously. I used Impact font. For the post-redesign strips, I'm thinking of using something like Comic Sans.

Coming up with story ideas for the series, post-redesign, is challenging. I'm trying to come up with some really funny stuff. Yesterday, I started reading The First 20 Years of Monty Python, by Kim "Howard" Johnson. I'm hoping that book gives me some inspiration for my comic strip. I'll see how that goes.

All in all, I hope to outdo myself with the series, post-redesign.


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