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An iconic Neal Adams image from Batman #251
One of the blogs in my links is for the legendary comic book artist, Neal Adams. One of the first artworks, maybe the first, of his that I remember is a version of the above artwork. I don't know if it was actually drawn  by him, but it was based on said image above. In 1989, Tim Burton's first Batman movie was in theaters. My family and I went to Taco Bell, or Del Taco, one day. One of us got a cup with our meal that was illustrated to promote the movie. It has the Batmobile and its specs on it. It also had an image that basically looked like the one above, but with the suit that Michael Keaton wore in the movie. Over the years, I saw more of Neal Adams' art and discovered who he was. Now, as with undoubtedly a lot of other people, to me Neal Adams is synonymous with Batman. He has become one of my favorite artists. You can check out his blog, The Neal Adams Blog, at (Adams).

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