Five Years on deviantART

"My (First) deviantID"
This is my fifth year on deviantART. I've upload lots and lots of artworks on there. deviantART is like Facebook in someways. You can connect to other artists on there. I've got a bunch of artists on my deviantWATCH, which is like a friend list. I've got various artists on there, some like J. Scott Campbell for example. deviantART is a great place to show your artwork, and see artwork from other artists. deviantART has been up for quite awhile. I first joined in 2008, and my first "deviation," which is a name for artworks submitted on there, was "Tru Faith." You can see that artwork below.

"Tru Faith"
You can use folders on there to put your deviations in. It's great if you want to highlight certain drawings or put your artworks into categories. I have several folders in my gallery. I also have what's called a "scrapbook." Your scrapbook features artwork that doesn't show up in the "Newest deviations" widget on your main page. There are many other features on deviantART as well.

I enjoy using deviantART, and I"ll probably have a deviantART page for as long as the site is up. If you're an artist, you may want to consider giving deviantART a try.


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