Wednesday Workings

 It seems like I just blogged a post yesterday, and here I am doing another one. I'm not complaining though. I've got some artworks I'm working on, mainly my Ginger artwork.

I've worked some more on the Ginger artwork. It looks like it's coming along pretty well. I hope to make it a great representation of our cute little Yorkie puppy. The photo it's based on is an early one of Ginger. She looks very different now from how she did then. Part of why I chose the particular picture was that it has bright colors in it. I seem to remember reading about how Vincent Van Gogh liked to work with bright colors. I also thought it was a cute, peaceful picture of Ginger. She looks like she's sleeping in it.

deviantART has updated the journal feature on their site. The journal feature has new features that it didn't have before. You can use bold, italic, etc. It seems like it's closer to how blogs work on Blogger. I'm looking forward to future use of the tools in the new journal format.

I'm keeping busy with my art, and I'm pretty happy with what I'm doing. Hopefully I'll have some artwork to post on here soon. Last but not least in this blog post: Happy birthday to Jim Davis' Garfield, who turns 35 today!


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