The Green Hornet Symbol

My dad and I saw The Green Hornet earlier tonight. It's an awesome movie! It's got a lot of action, and it's pretty funny. It's a balance of drama and comedy. Basically I think I would describe it as Lethal Weapon with superheroes. Some superhero movies you don't want to be too much of a comedy. This one seems like a drama/comedy, and I think it works for it. We didn't get 3D glasses. I'm not sure if 3D for the movie is only in select theaters. But It still looks cool even without the glasses. We had a great time watching this movie. It was fun! I made the artwork above earlier in the day. I drew it on scratchpaper. I decided I wanted to give it a green tint, so I scanned it and photoshopped it. It's a little different from the actual logo used for the movie. I drew the edges smoother, and I left off that one black spot that's above the head of the hornet on the actual logo. The Green Hornet is a really cool movie, and I recommend watching it.


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