Eliza Dushku

I've been a fan of Eliza Dushku since 2003, and it started with this drawing. I wasn't familiar with her when I drew this picture. I drew this from a photo in one of Entertainment Weekly's photo issues. I thought it was a beautiful picture and I wanted to draw it, so I did. I was intrigued by her and I found out that she was going to have her own show, Tru Calling, and I started watching it. That's when I really became a fan of her. She's got a Twitter page here, and a Facebook page here. She's a very beautiful and talented woman. I think it's cool that she comes from the same state as Aerosmith and Robert B. Parker. She's in a relationship with basketball player and lucky guy Rick Fox. He's also got a Twitter page here. He seems like a cool guy. I usually never have anything to do with Dancing With The Stars, but I voted for him when he was one of the contestants. As I've mentioned in my "About Me" section on here, I've had one of my artworks seen by Eliza, and in fact her brother Nate as well. I contributed an artwork to Eliza Dushku Online's fan book for Eliza. Kari, who I think was a moderator on the site, personally presented the fan book to Eliza Dushku at the London Expo. The drawing that I contributed was "Eliza Dushku II", which is in banner/header of my blog as of this date (I've been considering a new design for my blog). Kari told me that Eliza and her brother Nate saw my drawing and were really impressed with it. I'm still a fan of Eliza's and in fact I consider myself to be an Eliza Dushku fan forever. I think Eliza Dushku is awesome!


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