Eight Ball

Here's another drawing from the scratchpaper kit I got for Christmas. It's technically called scratchboard, but this is more like paper. I think scratchpaper, or board, comes in different colors under the stuff that you scratch off. You can probably get it in solid colors. I seem to recall reading in, maybe it was the magazine titled Wizard, that comic book artist, writer, and film director Frank Miller used scratchpaper, or board, for one of his comic book projects. I think it was either for a Sin City book or it was for a character design for The Dark Knight Strikes Again. They showed the artwork and the underlying color was white, so when he scratched the drawing into the paper, it looked like a black and white drawing of a character in the dark. I seem to recall he used that paper because it was easier than using a marker to black out the space around the character and some of the character himself. I enjoy drawing on scratchpaper, or board. It's a cool medium to use.


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