The Scott Pilgrim Books

Usually I blog about my artworks and I post them on here when I do, but Skottie Young was talking over on his blog about how basically instead of complaining about certain comics, you should talk about the ones you like. He talked about this subject because he'd been reading comments from people who complain about how superhero comics dominate the market. Personally, superhero comics are my favorite kind of comics. However, I also like to try other comics. My favorite non-superhero comics are the Scott Pilgrim books. I got volume one for Christmas, and I loved it! I read it twice in one week I think. Then I got volume two and I loved that one also. I would have read that twice already but I've been focusing my attention on Daredevil, Volume 3, which is a great book as well. On the Scott Pilgrim books, Bryan Lee O'Malley has a great drawing style. It's a manga style. If you look in a book store it's with the manga books. It works very well with the humor in the books. These books are funny and it seems like some of the humor is candid. It's to the point. Another element of the Scott Pilgrim comics that's really cool is that while it starts out realistic, it sort of becomes a video game world when Scott Meets Ramona Flowers, the girl he falls for. He ends up having to fight her seven evil exes before he can date her. I think there's one for each book, except for one in which Scott has two fight twins whom Ramona dated. That's why there are six volumes and not seven. I saw the movie as well and I think it was great. It seemed to me to be really true to the comics. The Scott Pilgrim books are from Oni Press, which has published some comics relating to the "Askewniverse" of some of Kevin Smith's movies. I highly recommend the Scott Pilgrim books I also recommend the Daredevil book I mentioned. It's written by Brian Michael Bendis and it contains the storyline about Matt Murdock dealing with his secret identity, that of Daredevil, being revealed to the public. The Scott Pilgrim books and the Daredevil book are well worth the read.


Nate said…
Hm . . . I might have to check out the Scott Pilgrim books. You make them sound do interesting!

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