John Mellencamp Postcard

Tonight, using my Pro Art drawing set that I got for Christmas, I drew this picture of John Mellencamp, starting with a 2H pencil. Then I did the dark areas with a 6B sketch stick. I used a retractable eraser and a kneaded eraser to erase the smudges. Sometimes I use a retractable eraser or a block eraser. With the 6B sketch stick, I had to use the kneaded eraser. It worked better than a regular eraser. My sketchpad I've been using by the way, is a Carolinapad. It's 11 x 14 inches, so if I draw over an entire sheet of paper, the scanner won't get all of it. In cases like that, I use a digital camera to take a picture of the drawing. It's got 30 sheets, and I've used about 11 of them, so I've got 19 left. I haven't drawn John Mellencamp in awhile. I don't remember the last time I've drawn him. He has a goatee in the postcard I drew this from, but I neglected to redraw it after I went over it with the sketch stick. I decided to leave it as is. You might say it's creative license.


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