Pop Rocks

I like Pop Rocks! I remember I had them, probably for the first time in the late '80s or early '90s. I hadn't had them for a long time after that. My mom and sister found them more recently and started getting them for me. I thought the company that makes them stopped production of them years ago, but thankfully they didn't. By the way, the Mythbusters proved that Pop Rocks and cola won't make your stomach explode or anything. I even tried Pop Rocks and cola myself after that episode of Mythbusters, and the Mythbusters were right. I figured it was safe, since they proved it was. Here, below, is the picture that the drawing is based on. My sister made this.


boo said…
wicked! seriously josh - do you do commissions? let me know!


ps - i saw that mythbusters - we call pop rocks 'space dust' in the uk!
Josh said…
Yep, I do commissions. You're the first person who's asked about it in my blog comments. I may want to do like you did on your profile and have link to e-mail me on mine for commission requests.
boo said…
cool and the gang! how much would you charge for a portrait of my fiancee? pencil or ink sketch would be great. i'll send a photo if you're up for it! email me on:


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