Conan O'Brien

Here's a picture I drew earlier of Conan O'Brien. I'm with Coco! Team Conan! I think it's unfair what they did to Conan, and Jay Leno should have been the one to get the boot. Jay Leno was the one with the horribly low ratings. I've always liked Jay Leno, but I'm very disappointed in him for just going along with taking The Tonight Show back from Conan. He could have done the noble thing and left NBC for another network and let Conan stay on The Tonight Show. I have a feature to the right, a graphic of the "I'm With Coco" image, linking to Besides supporting Conan, they are also donating the proceeds from the shirts and posters to Haiti. Another cool site you may want to check out is, where you can make yourself look like Conan in a picture, as you can see I did below.

I'm going to try not to dwell on what jerks the people at NBC are for forcing Conan off The Tonight Show, and the network, and how Jay went along with it. Instead, I will try to just look forward to seeing Conan back on TV, hopefully soon.


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