Spirograph Tools

Lately I've been blogging about Spirograph. I got the Original Spirograph for Christmas. I blogged a picture (pictured above) of it in a previous post. In this post I thought I'd blog a picture of what the inside of it looks like, to show what kind of tools you get in the Original Spirograph. That picture is below:


The main tools are the biggest rings and the markers. You also get a stick of something like putty that you use to stick the big rings to the paper. The smaller, clear plastic things are what you put in the middle of the big rings. There's a booklet that explains how to use these tools, and it's included in the set. You also get a coloring book and colored pencils.

I practiced some more with my Spirograph set last night. I think I probably did much better last night with my Spirograph set. It wasn't perfect, but I actually got a pretty cool pattern done. I'll keep practicing and eventually I'll have a satisfactory Spirograph drawing(s) to blog on here. The Original Spirograph is a really fun, creative set that you can do some great art with. The Original Spirograph is awesome!


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