Batman Artists

I've been into comic books for over a couple decades now. There are some artists in particular whose art I find especially interesting. Back in the early '90s there were a couple artists who especially stood out to me in the Batman titles: Jim Aparo and Norm Breyfogle. They did some of the best Batman art ever I think. I can still remember certain art from the comics without having the comics right in front of me. There were some memorable images. I also like Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez. He did a lot of classic DC Comics art. I remember when the 1989 Batman movie was in theaters. There was Batmania. There was all kinds of Batman merchandise. My parents got me Batman toys and some of them had Garcia-Lopez's art on the packaging.

More recently one of my favorites is Scott McDaniel. He had a run on the Batman comics in I believe the early 2000s. His art works really well for Batman. His visuals were really something to see. I think he started in the Batman title not long after the No Man's Land storyline. Batman had gone back to his "Year One"-style costume. Neal Adams has done some great art as well, and he has done some work drawing Batman. His run on the Batman comics was/is really popular.

There are more artists whose work I find really exciting. The ones I mentioned above are just some of them. Their art is really inspiring.


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