Christopher Hart's Assignment #3, on deviantART

"Worried Face"
Here's my submission for Christopher Hart's "Assignment #3." For this assignment, he showed us a confident-looking character he drew. He wanted us to draw the character with a worried expression. This is what I came up with. I drew the basic look of the character, but I drew him more in my style. I wanted it to be clear that I was drawing that character as the assignment says to, but try to avoid making it look too much like Christopher Hart's style. I usually draw a more pronounced jaw line, but I kept the original jaw line for this character, as I did with the head shape in the submission I titled "Goofy Face." I figured his eyebrows would be tilted. I thought to add more intensity to it, I'd express his worry through his mouth as well, and I added some sweat to his temple. I think this drawing turned out pretty well. You can see Christopher Hart's journal post, on deviantART, about the assignment here.


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