The Stan Lee Foundation Contest

I've entered in The Stan Lee Foundation contest on the Talenthouse site. It's for people to submit their superhero creations and have people vote on them. The entry part is over, and the voting period began today. You can vote for my superhero, The Golden Avenger, here. People including myself have been having trouble with the site today. When I would go to it, it would show an error page. If you have that problem, you'll have to click the refresh button on your browser. I would show my entry on here now, but I'm not sure if it would disqualify me. However, once the contest is over I'll publish my entry on here. You do get to see it on the Talenthouse site though. As far as I can tell, it only shows it one size. Once I post it on here though, after the contest is over, I might post a larger size picture of it. Last I checked I had four votes, including myself. So, please check it out and vote for my superhero.


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