Scott Pilgrim Gets Drawn On Scratchpaper

I got Scott Pilgrim's Precious Little Life, volume one in a series of graphic novels about the character, for Christmas this year. It's a great book. I like Scott because he's a real easy going guy. I wonder why they put all of the seven evil exes into the one movie, considering they're more or less one per graphic novel. They could have done sequels for that movie. We all know how reboot crazy and sequel crazy Hollywood is. I'm surprised they didn't spread it out into a series of movies. It makes me wonder how they leave time for other parts of the overall story from the graphic novels. It looks like a lot of the movie is probably action (I haven't seen it yet) whereas a lot of the books are the social interaction between the characters. I think the movie looks like it will be cool though. I plan on getting the rest of the series of graphic novels over time and reading them as well.


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