This is sort of a sequel to the Jade drawing. Ice is a superhero that was in Justice League International. Here I have her using her powers to create a spiral of ice around herself and a snowball in her hand. I started this drawing in 2004 and finished it a few days ago. Back in 2004, I'd drawn her in just pencil and drew a band around her where the orange peel was around the Cointreau model in the photo reference, a Cointreau ad from 2003. I didn't draw the bottle in her hand. I didn't know what comic book character I wanted to draw her as at the time, so I figured I'd hold off on finishing it and pick up where I left off later. A few days ago I decided I'd draw her as Ice. Besides using pencil and colored pencils, I inked this one, whereas the "Jade" drawing was only pencil and colored pencils. I'm thinking of doing one more of this, as I've found another Cointreau ad from 2003, similar to the ones I used for "Jade" and "Ice." I'm thinking of drawing another female superhero with elemental powers for the third one, like I did with Ice. I've drawn Jade forming fire with her powers, Ice forming ice and snow with her powers, which are forms of water, and the third one I want to have some kind of earth power. If you remember Captain Planet and the Planeteers, than you may recall that they each had their own elemental power. Earth, fire, wind, water, and heart. With my drawings Jade represented fire and Ice represented water. I'm thinking of drawing a female superhero representing earth in the third one. This drawing of Ice is actually kind of fitting for Christmas with the snow and all. Merry Christmas!


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