This is something I drew back about the time I was taking art classes in college. I used an ad for an alcoholic drink as a reference. Originally it was a woman with an orange peel spiraling up around her and she had a bottle in her hand. I replaced the peel and the bottle with flames formed from Jade's powers. Jade is the daughter of Alan Scott, the original Green Lantern in DC Comics. I originally included that information in the titled, but I thought I should shorten it to just "Jade." Jade's mother is the villain known as Thorn (Wikipedia). Both Thorn and Alan Scott/Green Lantern are golden age characters. Basically Jade can do with her powers from her body what Green Lanterns can do with their power rings, which is create things from it, all of which are entirely green. Jade's first appearance was in All-Star Squadron #25 in 1983 (Wikipedia).

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