I did this werewolf drawing back in 2008. I scanned it and digitally colored it, using a fur pattern for the werewolf itself. I plan on all my posts this month being Halloween themed, although some, like this one, may feature a bonus artwork. The bonus in this post is a sequel to my artwork titled "Superman - The Blur Logo", which if you do a search in the search bar at the top of the page, you'll find a post for that one which also includes the one I did of the Zod logo. Check out "Superman - The Blur Logo 2" below.

This is not an exact depiction of the Superman symbol on Clark's new red leather jacket on Smallville, but it's basically what it looks like. At first I thought the zipper going down the front of the jacket, through the symbol, looked like it disrupted the symbol. But the more I saw of it actually works really well. It helps if he doesn't pull the zipper down past the top of the symbol. This picture makes a perfect 1024 x 768 desktop wallpaper. The other Smallville logo artworks I did make good wallpapers too, although they're of smaller screen resolutions. "Superman - The Blur Logo" is 900 x 596 and "Superman - Smallville Zod Logo" is 900 x 675.

I watched both Ghostbusters movies over the weekend. It's always great to watch them. I could never get tired of them.


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