Josh Ralls Bobble Head

I started out this drawing as a caricature. I was thinking about the last pages of the book titled Face Off: Drawing Amazing Caricatures & Comic Portraits, by Harry Hamernik, where in some pictures they show the kind of caricature where the person has a big head and a small body. I felt like drawing like that, but then at some point I thought it would make a cool bobble head design. So, I continued on and added a base to it. At first I had his hands in his pockets. It made it resemble myself in my first logo. But, then I thought it needed something to make it more obvious that I'm an artist, besides my logo which I decided would go on the top of the base. So I redrew the elbows bent and the hands holding art supplies. The right hand holding a pencil and brush, and the left hand holding a sketch pad I figure the kind of paper in the pad could be useful for either watercolor paintings or just sketches. A regular sketch pad wouldn't work quite as well for watercolor paintings I think. As you can see, one side of the base has "Josh Ralls" on it. I think I might have "artist" on the opposite side. Maybe have "Josh Ralls" and "Artist" on the other sides also. I've thought about how cool it would be if I had a bobble head of myself, and I imagine this is what it might look like.


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