Captain America: Civil War Movie Review

This is mainly an art blog, but seeing as how comics and comic book movies have been inspiration for my art, I figure I can blog comic book movie reviews sometimes. Here's my most recent one:

My dad and I saw Captain America: Civil War. I figured it was going to be a great movie before I saw it, and I don’t think either my dad or I were let down. It was phenomenal! The special effects were great. There’s one scene that’s especially awesome but I won’t spoil it. The cast is great. It was great to see Paul Rudd as Ant-Man again. You probably know by now that Spider-Man was in it, and the way he was introduced was excellent! Chadwick Boseman as Black Panther was amazing. He had some great scenes in the movie, maybe some of the best. The story is great. It’s based on the Civil War storyline in the comics. This movie is epic! I think it’s the best Marvel movie yet. There was drama, action, comedy, and some heartfelt moments in this movie. I can’t wait to own this movie on Bluray or Bluray+DVD. I very much recommend that you go see it. It’s awesome!


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