Pencil Types

Left to right: standard wooden pencil, lead holder, mechanical pencil, and sketch stick
 Here's a question for artists: when it comes to drawing, what kind of pencil do you use? There are various types of pencils, including the ones pictured above. I've been using a mechanical pencil a lot lately. However, I think wooden pencils feel more natural. But, pencils without wood are probably better for the environment. Besides wood, there's also graphite or lead types to consider. What type(s) do you need for your drawing? There are 8B, F, H, and so on. Each type of lead gives a different lightness or darkness to drawings. I figure if I'm doing a basic drawing, like a cartoon drawing then I don't necessarily need a specific type of lead. But, if I'm doing a realistic portrait, I may want to use various types of lead. So, those are some things to consider when you're getting ready to draw.


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