Apple Line Art

"Apple Line Art"
I got a sketching gift set for Christmas last year. It contains the book titled Sketching Basics, by Alois Fabry. This drawing above is one I did for the first project in the book. The first project is line art. Line art is "without shading or tone." The way you draw the lines conveys things like dimension . One of the things Alois Fabry suggests drawing for the project is an apple. So, my sister bought me an apple from the store, and I drew it in the sketch pad that came in the sketching gift set (Fabry 18).

I like the idea of line art. It's simple in a way, and if you don't want to get into shading and all that, it's a good type of drawing to do. I think I'd like to try making the lines thinner in some areas. That might be better for giving it dimension than having the lines thick all the way around, like on the apple. I'm looking forward to doing more from the book. It looks like I may learn some new things with it.

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