"Ginger" in a frame
This is an oil pastel artwork I started on last year. I finished it this week. My family and I got a Yorkie Puppy early last year and named her Ginger. I decided to do an oil pastel artwork of her, and this is that artwork. I finished it this week. Ginger is adorable, and I'm happy to have done an artwork of her. The artwork is based on a photo my dad took:

The photo my dad took that the "Ginger" artwork is based on
She's bigger and her hair looks different now than it does in this artwork, and she's as cute as ever. It's a big artwork, which is partly why I didn't scan it. It's undoubtedly too big for my scanner. Besides that, I was eager to frame it. I think it turned out really well, and I'm very proud of it.


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