My Logos

I've done several logos for myself over the years, and I thought I'd post the three main ones here. The one above is my first one. I shaved my goatee of in 2006 or 2007 and haven't kept one since then. This is the final version of it. It was a originally entirely a pencil drawing. Then I scanned and digitally colored the drawing. Later, at some point, I put in lettering for "Josh Ralls" and "Artist" in photoshop. At some point I decided to do a new logo, the one below.

I went straight to digital coloring with this one. This is actually two pencil drawings scanned and put together in photoshop. I drew the face as one piece and "Josh Ralls" and "Artist" as another piece. I put them together in photoshop and digitally colored them. Later, I would put together what would be come my third logo, which I still use now. There it is below.

I used the same for this logo as the one in the second logo. I digitally colored it in photoshop. I used a shape from the shapes in photoshop to put behind the face. I used the font tool, as with the last version of the first logo, for the words. So, those are my three main logos I've used so far. Although I've drawn other logos for myself, the third one remains my main logo.


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