My Face and Logo

This is a picture I drew of my face, and also another logo I created for myself. I've thought about drawing more pictures of my face in the style of the one on my logo, and the one in my artwork titled "Josh Speaks, and drawing them with various facial expressions. I'm getting ready to submit an entry to the Scott Pilgrim: Create an 8th Evil Ex contest on deviantART. If you've seen the movie, Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World, or followed the comics, or both, you know how the story goes. Scott Pilgrim falls in love with a girl named Ramona Flowers, but before he can date her, he has to fight her seven evil exes. In this contest, you have to create an eighth evil ex. I was going to blog my entry on here this week, but do to the rules I'm going to wait until after the contest ends to blog it on here, just to make sure I don't disqualify myself. However, I might post a link to it or something like that on here before then.


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